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These are all phrases that one might have questions about. If there are any others, just leave a comment and I'll address them!

Baryonic Annihilation: The process of breaking down matter into its component particles and antiparticles- especially baryons- and annihilating them by exposing them to each other. This creates a large amount of energy, but unfortunately, is notoriously difficult to design and maintain without causing explosions or the like.

Cosmological Singularity: Alternatively seen as a divine being in itself or the point in existence immediately before the Big Bang, it is the point from which, the belief goes, the universe and all that's within it began. While there is a great deal of disagreement over the nature of the Singularity, belief in it is what sets the Singularians apart from the rest of the galaxy.

Ex Nihilo: Specifically, in this setting, the philosophic belief that matter arose from non-matter- from nothing. The theory goes that, since quantum vacuum has elementary particles and antiparticles appearing and annihilating each other with noticeable energy output, the universe arose from this gradual process creating energy, space, and later, time and matter. Leading to a belief that the universe has always existed, has gradually become what it is now, and that there is no greater point or purpose in the universe.

Mereological Nihilism: The belief that the elementary particles composing existence are the only things that truly exist. For example, this sort of nihilist would reject the notion of a 'chair' or a 'world' in the same way the average person would reject the notion of the sun rising and setting. That's what appears to happen, but it's only a mental shortcut- in the end, there is no real difference between one group of particles and another. By extension, there is no real value over one set of particles and another.

Orphan: Osahar's home world. Received its name from it being an orphan planet, and from its original settlers feeling disowned by the rest of humanity. A large, solid planet, primarily formed of rock and with a thin nitrogen atmosphere, its normal conditions are completely unsuitable for life. The settlers can exist only in colonies in orbit or in facilities tunneled deeply beneath the surface. The world does have a large amount of resources, and indications of previous settlement, though as of yet there haven't been explorations to discover such things.

Orphan Planet: A planet which has broken free from orbiting its home star. There are many of these in the galaxy, though all are unsuitable for life while in the frozen reaches of space.

Plasma Weapons: Weaponry which uses hypertech to form coherent blasts of superheated energy. Usually more effective in space than planetside. Uses energy packs.

Singularians: A group of individuals who believe in the Cosmological Singularity. Primary inhabitants of Orphan, of whom Osahar is also a member. Tend to believe that the universe, and each person within it, has a purpose, and that building/advancing is an expression of that purpose. Strong sense of community.


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