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2013-04-27 04:51 pm
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These are all phrases that one might have questions about. If there are any others, just leave a comment and I'll address them!

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2013-04-23 09:31 pm
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Inventory and Skill Matrix

Permanent Inventory
-Plasma Pistol: Fires coherent blasts of superheated plasma. Safety-locked and can only be fired by Osahar. Each shot overheats the weapon and requires a period of cooling down before it can be fired again.

-Cybernetic Arm: Osahar's left arm. Far stronger than the human average. Covered with a false skin that has limited sensory capacity. 

-Onboard Computer: Mounted on Osahar's right wrist, primarily a source of information storage and minor functionality. Enables a small amount of 'augmented reality'- projected typing, scanning, analysis, and things like that.

60 from Day 61 Event



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2013-04-23 09:19 pm
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When playing an original character, there are always growing pains and questions, not to mention concerns. So, here's your chance to tell me what you think! Whether it's questions to answer or concerns that you have, anything goes.

To emphasize, I never take suggestions personally, and I'm always happy to have areas of concern brought to my attention so I can improve. Never hesitate to let me know what you think!